Kenny Johnson, President

A native of Grundy County, I farmed with my father after high school on the small farm where I grew up.

I met my wife, Dwanna, in high school. We married in 1973; together we raised four children. Our youngest son took over the farm operation. In 1993 we moved to Dike.

I own Grainway, a company, along with my partner Clarence Sherfield. We design conveyors to move grain and other commodities throughout the United States, Canada, and international companies.

At the age of 13, I asked the Lord into my life while attending the Reformed Camp in Eldora, IA. We presently attend the Cornerstone Presbyterian Church.

With my wife we serve as mentors to youth groups and to trips for missions. Serving the Lord on church committees and singing in the choir led me to look elsewhere to serve.

My parents took me to Riverview as a small boy. For the past 10 years, I was drawn to this important place to work on the grounds. Later I was asked to serve on the Riverview Board.

It has been a privilege to serve the Lord in different capacities. My main goal through life and the Cedar Falls Bible Conference is to lead people to Christ. 

Martha Hansen Stanford

Martha was born in Cedar Falls and spent many years of her youth on the Riverview campus grounds.  She attended the University of Northern Iowa and went on to teach for 10 years.  She has lived and worked in several states returning to Iowa to work for the Waterloo Chamber of Commerce and to start several personal businesses.  She was an owner of a private preschool, a new and used furniture store, advertising and marketing agency, and Tranquil Transitions a service company.

Martha gave her life to the Lord at age 11 and sincerely followed Christ’s path throughout her life.  She has two daughters, five grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.  She loves Riverview and wants to see it reach as many people for the Lord as possible.

Mike McKinney


John Butler

Psalm 107 shares this insight: “Let the Redeemed of the Lord say this-those he deemed say so.”

I was redeemed when a teenager. My parents divorced when I was nine. “God placed His protective hand on you,” said a former pastor’s wife. Her husband cleared the way for me to go to a Bible college where I met my wife, Jean;  I as a Illinois’ native and she from Baltimore, MD.

After teaching in Indiana high schools, I received degrees, then moved to higher educational institutions in Indiana, Iowa, and Louisiana. I experienced organizing classes, directing workshops and conferences for teachers and students, and teaching adults in churches.

This past decade God allowed me to serve as interim pastor in four churches. Now God has led me to serve on the Riverview Ministries Board. This opportunity is a privilege!

Ralph Scheidecker