A Letter from the Director

During last year's conference, as some you may recall, Colson Center President John Stonestreet told us that the Bible Conference movement arose out of a situation in the early 20th Century where churches and denominations across America were moving away from solid biblical foundations.  In response to this doctrinal drift, lay leaders from across denominations organized multi-day or multi-week conferences where uncompromising preachers were invited to equip, strengthen, and inspire spiritually hungry masses.  In light of this brief history and given the culture - even much of the Christian culture - we find ourselves in today, where wavering and capitulation are commonplace, Stonestreet exclaimed:  "We need Bible conferences now more than ever!"  

Add that to some recent statistical findings by the Barna Group that Eastern Iowa ("Waterloo/Cedar Rapids") ranks 97th out of 100 cities/regions across American with regard to "Bible-Mindedness" (behind New York City, Madison, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and 91 others), and we've got some very good reasons to keep putting together great Cedar Falls Bible Conference, year after year, decade after decade.

Toward that end, and by God's grace and providence, the CFBC Ministry Team and I present to you the 2019 edition -- our 98th!  In our second year as Director and Ministry Team, we have a better handle on how to plan, prepare and promote the Conference.  Also, with the abrupt and unexpected leadership transition after the 2017 conference behind us, we had a full year to work.  So while the Lord blessed the 2018 conference tremendously, I think we'll experience a conference this year that is even better.  Our speaker lineup is phenomenal!  Our musicians will be awesome, too (you'll notice some musical variety this year, and still plenty of familiarity).  The children's and student ministry programs will be as strong as ever.

Whether you're 8, 38, 68, or 98, whether you've been coming to the CFBC for decades or if this will be your first time, prepare to be inspired, challenged and shaped by God's Word.  And don't come alone -- invite family, friends, and fellow churchgoers.  They'll thank you for bringing them along!

It's free!  No pre-registration required... just come!  See you in July!

                                     Matt Reisetter