A Letter from the Director

In a 2017 list of 100 U.S. cities/regions ranked by Barna for their "Bible-mindedness," Cedar Rapids/Waterloo, IA came in at #97 - behind Portland, Madison, San Francisco, New York and 92 other cities.  Ironic, since this is our 97th annual conference.  You can learn more by searching "Barna Bible-Minded Cities" online.  The point is, there's work to do right there in eastern Iowa!  And in view of that, I couldn't be more excited about the opportunity for impact we have through the Cedar Falls Bible Conference (CFBC).

Having grown up attending the Bible Conference, I can attest firsthand to how the Lord has used this conference to strengthen my faith in Christ, my love for God's Word, and my appetite for world-class preaching.  I am humbled to follow in a line of great former CFBC directors, who have served during my lifetime:  Brad Fenner, Dale Sommerlot, and Bruce Nelson.  God uniquely used each of them to keep this conference solid and substance-filled. Now it's time to draw in a new generation, without compromising biblical content or alienating anyone who has been coming for decades, so that CFBC can have deeper and wider impact for another 97 years!

As you read this note and look through what's in line for this year, let me ask you to consider 4 specific responses:

(1) pray for the Lord to bless and guide our final preparations and to provide much spiritual fruit through this year's conference,

(2) carve time out of your schedule to be here with us,

(3) invite other family members, friends, and fellow-churchgoers (kids, adults, pastors...anyone!) to also join us, and

(4) a financial contribution that will both allow us to keep the conference free and set it up for massive, growing impact for generations to come.  

On behalf of our ministry team, thanks for your prayers and support!  We hope to see you in July!

                                                                                       Matt Reisetter