Concert Series

SEASON TICKETS -- available only in the Riverview Office

Tickets purchased before January 1, 2019:         Artist Circle -         $210 (reserved seats)

                                                                                 General Seating -  $165 (reserved seats)

Tickets purchased after January 1, 2019:            Artist Circle -         $230 (reserved seats)

                                                                                 General Seating -  $185 (reserved seats)

Season ticket holders will be issued a Season Pass required to be presented at each concert. A lost Season Pass may be replaced for $20.  If another Riverview-sponsored concert is added to the schedule, there will be no additional cost.       

For all Riverview-sponsored concerts:

       Kids 15 & under are free for General Admission only


Tickets may be purchased online up until 4:30 p.m. the day before a concert.

Tickets may be purchased at the Riverview office or at Wiley's Book Store.  On the date of the concert (including Saturdays), tickets may be purchased until noon either at the Riverview office or at Wiley's.  Tickets may be purchased at the door one hour prior to the concert. 


Riverview office hours:       March-November        8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

                                            December-February.   8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Monday through Friday


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The Collingsworth Family

was April 6, 2019

What a great concert!!  Enjoy some of the highlights!

Riverview Gospel Sing

July 10-13, 2019

The Gospel Sing week is new and exciting for 2019.  You won't want to miss it.  We've added a mens' event in addition to the womens' luncheon.  On Friday night, there will be a BBQ under the shelter; Saturday night a dinner at Fellowship Hall.

Master of Ceremonies -- Ricky Capps of Master's Voice


   Four-day pass --        $110 Artist Circle - reserved seat   

                                       $85    General Seating - reserved seat

   All-day Saturday --    $35    Artist Circle (At-the-door $38)

                                       $30    General Seating (At-the-door $33)

   Evening Concerts Only -- $25  Artist Circle (At-the-door $28)

                                              $20 General Seating (At-the-door $23)


   Meal tickets for Friday and Saturday:              $9.00

        Friday:         A BBQ under the shelter

        Saturday:    A dinner at Fellowship Hall

Other activities:

     Ladies Luncheon with Lindsey Graham

         (more information to come)

     Mens' Day Out (more information to come)

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Lindsey Graham

Opening  Wednesday-Friday  at 7:00 pm

Opening Saturday at 6:00 pm

Lindsey will open each night of the Gospel Sing kicking off the week on Wednesday with a Patriotic program.  You won't want to miss her sing the National Anthem.  For a preview, check her out on youtube, Lindsey Graham Red Sox National Anthem - YouTube.

Singing Christian music is extremely vital to Lindsey as she is eager to uplift and excited to share the love of Jesus with others. Her ambition is “to reach the lost and encourage believers in the Lord.” With her bubbly personality and positive attitude, Lindsey has a voice which is powerful and full of clarity. With warm, inviting vocals and a striking stage presence, the lyrics are easily understood and conveyed to her audience.

The Taylors

Wednesday, July 10 at 7:00 pm

Tickets:  $25 Artist Circle/$20 General Seating

                     (At-the-Door $28 AC/$23 GS)

Click HERE for tickets

The Taylor siblings grew up as members of Fellowship Baptist Church, a small country church, where their father has been ministering as a Southern Baptist minister for nearly 32 years. With their mother’s guidance as their music director, it was around the church piano that The Taylors created and honed their beautiful family harmony. The sound of the group has only grown tighter and better as the years go by.

Growing up in a Christian home has reinforced their faith and values, and has created in each of them a strong desire to proclaim their salvation through the ministry of music. God is at the very center of The Taylors’ ministry and also at the center of their hearts. They consider themselves extremely blessed to be able to sing for The Lord.

Listen to The Taylors:   Faithful Again - YouTube

Chapel with Ricky Capps

of Master's Voice

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

July 11-13 at 9:00 am

Conference Room

The founder and owner of Master's Voice, Ricky Capps, is among the few people on Earth that is somewhere between a rare privilege and a high honor to know.  Ricky has dedicated his life to that which, without a doubt, God has called him.  

You will be inspired, encouraged, and convicted.  Your desire to draw closer to God and walk in the Spirit will be renewed as a result of coming under Ricky's teaching.  

Listen to a lesson from Ricky:  John 12:23-25; What's Next in a Christians Life, 8-4-2013, Cowboy Church of Ennis - YouTube

Soul'd Out

Thursday, July 11 -- 7:00 pm

Tickets:  $25 Artist Circle/$20 General Seating

                    (At-the-Door $28 AC/$23 GS)

Click HERE for tickets

Soul'd Out Quartet travels the country with a mission of evangelism and discipleship to not only win souls for Christ by telling the world "what the world doesn't know", but also to further strengthen and encourage God's people to be the salt and light to the world and ambassadors for Christ, that we are each called to be and to exhort God's people to be servants with hearts on fire!

Comprised of Dusty Barrett (tenor), Jason McAtee (lead), Matt Rankin (baritone), Ian Owens (bass), Soul'd Out is not only a vocal group continuing the heritage of Southern Gospel music, but it is also and foremost a ministry team answering God's call as stated in Ephesians: He gave some apostles, and some prophets, and some evangelists, and some pastors, and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. (Ephesians 4:11-13 KJV) 

Listen to Soul'd Out:    Arise My Love - YouTube

Spoken 4

Friday, July 12 -- 7:00 pm

Tickets:  $25 Artist Circle/$20 General Seating

(At-the-Door $28 AC/$23 GS)

Click HERE for tickets

Spoken 4 stepped out in faith and began their journey of service nearly ten years ago with the sole purpose of sharing their unique blend of music and personal testimonies for the glory of God. Their mission is simple -- get out of the way and allow Jesus and His Holy Spirit to use their availability to reach those in their path with the undeniable truth of His Gospel.

You can expect a healthy blend of favorites and new songs with a variety of styles. With an appreciation for many genres of music, be prepared to take an energetic musical journey from beginning to end filled with emotion, excitement, fun and heartfelt truths without compromising the Word of God!   Each concert is different because they allow the Holy Spirit to lead in a way that will meet the needs of each concert audience.

Listen to Spoken 4:

Adams Call

Saturday, July 13 -- 1:00 pm

Tickets:  All-Day Saturday

                 $35 Artist Circle/$30 General Seating

                    (At-the-door $38 AC/$33 GS)

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Every Christian Vocal group has the challenge of selecting and delivering songs and testimony that will leave a lasting mark on every individual who hears the songs they present.  The commitment and dedication made to aspire to change lives for the better is a big challenge to accept.  I Corinthians 15:45 reminds us that Christ is a life-giving Spirit, and as Christians, there is no greater calling than that to be more like Christ.  Adams Call has faithfully accepted the calling commissioned to them to spread the message of mercy, grace and salvation through powerful lyrics and real-life testimonies.

Listen to Adams Call:   Adams Call - Between Here and Heaven - YouTube

Master's Promise

Saturday, July 13 -- 3:00 pm

All-Day Saturday Tickets:  

$35  Artist Circle/$30 General Seating

(At-the-door $38 AC/$33 GS)

Click HERE for tickets

Master's Promise is comprised of Hannah Sancricca and Jamie Streetman.  This duo has been blessed with opportunities to share the Gospel of Christ through their music all across the country.  Since their official launch into music evangelism, God has used this unique ministry to bring hundreds of souls to Christ -- something the group would be first to say could never be of their doing.  The only Hope for all mankind is Jesus.  The Master's Promise ministry is founded solely on that message.

Listen to Master's Promise:  This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me [Lyric Video] - YouTube

Master's Voice

Saturday, July 13 -- 6:00 pm

All-Day Saturday Tickets:  

$35  Artist Circle/$30 General Seating

(At-the-door $38/$33 GS)

Saturday Evening Concert Only:  

$25  Artist Circle/$20 General Seating

(At-the-door $28/$23 GS)

Click HERE for All-Day Saturday

Click HERE for Master's Voice Concert Only

Since 1995, Master's Voice has been committed to bringing an evangelistic approach to singing and preaching the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ till all know...or He returns.  This team is also devoted to musical excellence, understanding that this "music with a message": requires the utmost professionalism, preparation, commitment, clarity, doctrinal soundness and passionate vocals.  

Listen to Master's Voice:  Where My Savior Is - YouTube

Triumphant Quartet

Saturday, August 17 -- 6:00 pm

Tickets:  $30  Artist Circle/$25 General Seating

(At-the-door $33 AC/$28 GS)

Click HERE for tickets

The one consistent thing about life is change.  Things around us are constantly changing.  So, when a group like Triumphant Quartet maintains consistency, it speaks volumes about whom they are and what they have accomplished.  Triumphant is the face of quality Gospel music, Christian integrity, family values, friendship and dedication.  

When Triumphant takes the stage, the audience is entertained by the musical variety, the engaging personalities and a bond that is brought together by years of friendship.  Audiences will find themselves smiling, laughing, crying, encouraged and uplifted.  Most of all, they will walk away having had the Gospel message presented to them in a powerful way, with a hope that many will receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Jesus Christ is the focus of Triumphant. He is the reason they sing. These four gentlemen are faithful as always and steadfast and true in their goal of giving their very best in all they do.

Listen to Triumphant:   Triumphant Qt - Chain Breaker - YouTube

3 Heath Brothers

September 4, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

Love Offering Concert

Event Center

The 3 Heath Brothers are teenagers, Nicholas, Clayton and Christian Heath. They have been singing together as long as they can remember. Their mom taught them to sing parts from a very early age and their dad is the Senior Pastor at Faith Community Chapel in Thomasville, NC.

When these young guys get up to sing, people are consistently shocked by their tight harmony, powerful vocals, and acapella arrangements. They have shared the stage with The Talleys, The Collingsworth Family, Booth Brothers, Hoppers, Greater Vision, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Karen Peck & New River, and others.

They were recently voted Best Breakthrough Artist of 2018.  This past summer (2018) they won the Grand Champion Trophy at the NC State Annual Singing Convention.  They recently performed at Dollywood, Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove, and are MainStage artists at Singing in the Sun 2019 and the Gatlinburg Gathering 2019.

You won’t want to miss their tight harmony, passion for God, and young energy. They love God and their goal is to promote Christ and demonstrate that you are never too young to give all you have to God.

Listen to 3 Heath Brothers:

Hear by Faith & Higher Power

One night -- two groups!!

Saturday, September 14 -- 6:00 pm

Tickets:  $25  Artist Circle/$20 General Seating

(At-the-door $28 AC/$23 GS)

Click HERE for tickets

Hear by Faith -- Over the last few years, this young group’s ministry has grown beyond anything they originally imagined.  They have had the opportunity to sing at concerts with The Talley Trio, Greater Vision, Poet Voice, Palmetto State Quartet and the Florida Boys, as well as opening for Signature Sound.  Through their music and concerts, Hear By Faith strives to provide close harmonies, close fellowship, and most importantly, a chance to spend some time getting closer to our amazing God.

Higher Power --  Higher Power has been sharing their faith through their music and personal testimonies since 1996. God has been faithful to provide them with everything they have needed to build their ministry into what it is today. Higher Power sings gospel, southern gospel, progressive gospel, and contemporary music in its concerts. A typical concert will be filled with music, ministry moments, testimonies, and reflection. 

Listen to Higher Power:  Higher Power performing "I am Redeemed" - YouTube

Legacy Five

Saturday, October 12, 2019 -- 6:00 pm

Tickets:  $25 Artist Circle / $20 General Seating

                      (At-the-door $28 AC/$23 GS)

Click HERE for Tickets

By popular request, Legacy Five returns to Riverview for our season finale.  Legacy Five offers rich four- and five-part harmony masterfully weaving together unique and versatile talents.

When the Legendary Cathedral Quartet retired in December of 1999, Scott Fowler and Roger Bennett decided to continue the rich musical tradition of Southern Gospel Quartet singing.  Legacy Five was organized and had their official debut in January 2000 in Atlanta, GA.  Since that day, they have made a major mark on the Southern Gospel Music world.  Immediately audiences responded overwhelmingly to their four-part harmony and their ability to effectively communicate the message of Christ. Since the quartet’s formation, they have established and maintained a firm place at the top of Christian music.

Listen to Legacy Five:      Legacy five - I found grace - YouTube

Faith's Journey

October 18, 2019 @ 7:00 p.m.

Love Offering Concert

Fellowship Hall

Faith's Journey is a traditional gospel music ministry singing over 120 dates a year for the past 7 years  the group is comprised of Jonathan Edwards MC and Baritone, his wife Deana Edwards Soprano, Josh Adams Tenor and Lee Hendrix on keys.

Faith's Journey has performed on stages big and small from local churches to One of America's Best Theme parks, Silver Dollar City, in Branson, Missouri, where Faith's Journey has been a featured performer the last three years.  This group has been played on radio and TV throughout the U.S. and have had several charting songs.

Listen to Faith's Journey: