Concert Series 2020

*Kids 15 & under are free for general admission*

Riverview Conference Center is pleased to announce the 2020 Concert Series.  You can find ticket details and information about each of the artists who will be coming to the stage presenting the good news of Jesus Christ in music and testimony by scrolling down.

  • Season Tickets

    Season Tickets are available by calling the office at 319-268-0787.

    Season Ticketholders receive reserved seats for the concerts.    

    $205 for Artist Circle             $165 for General Admission

  • Individual Concert Ticket Prices

    Ticket prices for concerts vary by artist.  Please scroll down to the concert you desire to see all pertinent details.

  • Riverview Gospel Sing     July 8-11, 2020

    The annual Riverview Gospel Sing will be in full swing beginning July 8 and running through July 11.

    Wednesday - Saturday Evening Concerts:        $25 Artist Circle / $20 General Admission

    Saturday All-Day Ticket:                                               $35 Artist Circle / $30 General Admission

    Four-Day Pass (reserved seats)                                $100 Artist Circle / $80 General Admission

    (At-the-door $3.00 more per ticket)

    July 8         7 pm    Three Bridges

    July 9         9 am     Chapel with Wade Moser of Southern Faith

                         11 am     Women's Luncheon with Jenna Bolerjack

                          7 pm     Concert with Blake and Jenna Bolerjack

    July 10      9 am      Chapel with Wade Moser of Southern Faith

                         7 pm      The Craguns

    July 11      9 am       Chapel with Wade Moser of Southern Faith

                        1 pm        Southern Faith

                        3 pm       Faithful Crossing

                        6 pm       Keepers of the Faith

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SaltLight and Restored

June 6, 2020

6:00 p.m.

A Love-Offering Concert at Fellowship Hall

(Doors Open at 5:00 p.m.)

SaltLight and Restored are both artists from the Cedar Valley.  These musicians will bring traditional, country gospel and contemporary Christian music to the stage.  Their hearts are to minister the Word of God through their music and testimony.  It's important to them that their lives and concerts bring glory to God.  

The Nelons

Saturday, May 16, 2020

6:00 pm

(doors open at 4:30; seating at 5:00 pm)

Buy your ticket(s) by clicking HERE.

$25 Artist Circle        $20 General Admission    ($3 more at the door)

Offering a captivating blend of gospel, a cappella, hymns, Americana, folk, and inspirational music, the Nelons are a world-class talented family.  The ensemble is led by the legendary, multi-award winning vocalist, co-founding member Kelly Nelon Clark and her husband, the versatile singer, songwriter, musician, and producer, Jason Clark.  Their daughters, Amber and Autumn, complete this supremely-gifted musical troupe as they contribute their powerful vocals to this traveling family band's harmonic sound.

Their trend-setting innovation, technical skill, and undeniable gift of communication have delighted audiences all around the world. A concert with the Nelons leaves you encouraged by the message of hope shared from their hearts, warmed by the love of family you feel from the stage, and inspired by the beauty, purity, and majesty of each lyric they sing.  Simply put, this is just great music!

The Nelon's website:

Listen to The Nelons:

Three Bridges

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

7:00 pm

(doors open at 5:30; seating at 6:00 pm)

Buy your ticket(s) by clicking HERE.

$25 Artist Circle        $20 General Admission   ($3 more at the door)

Known for their tight harmonies, unique vocal style, and exciting stage presence, Three Bridges is an internationally-acclaimed gospel music group.  

Three Bridges' music is rooted in traditional "southern gospel" and "black gospel" music.  This blended style is recognized through their tight harmonies and a unique vocal style.  More importantly, they spread the joy of the Good News of Jesus Christ through their music.  They have entertained and ministered to millions through their recordings, TV appearances and live shows which is why Three Bridges has quickly become one of the most prominent Gospel groups in Christian music today.

Three Bridges website:

Listen to Three Bridges:

Chapel with Wade Moser

Thurs-Sat, July 9-11 -- 9:00 am

Wade Moser of Southern Faith Gospel Trio was born in Kansas City, Missouri. He moved to Calico Rock, Arkansas when he was 12 years old. He graduated high school in 1977 and at age 20 became the youngest master electrician in the state at that time. Also at age 20, he answered the call to preach. He is the pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship Church and has been for over 38 years. He is the General Manager of KCMH Christian radio station in Mountain Home, Arkansas. He is also the founder of  New Hope Missions which is primarily in India. Wade and his wife Taffy have 4 daughters, 5 granddaughters and 1 grandson.  When asked, “What is your greatest accomplishment in all of the years of ministry?”, Wade responded by saying that “Every time you lead someone to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, it feels like the first time because it feels that fresh and new!”

Blake and Jenna Bolerjack

Thursday, July 9, 2020

7:00 pm

(doors open at 5:30; seating at 6:00 pm)

Buy your ticket(s) by clicking HERE.

$25 Artist Circle        $20 General Admission   ($3 more at the door)

As husband and wife, Blake & Jenna communicate their faith through music with gentleness and a testimony of love and commitment with their marriage; a chemistry easily seen as they sing and serve together.  Singing music that spans the generations, mixing classic and modern styles.  Blake's soaring vocals and Jenna's sweet harmonies are sure to inspire and encourage. 

Bolerjack website:            

Listen to the Bolerjacks:

The Craguns

Friday, July 10, 2020

7:00 pm

(doors open at 5:30; seating at 6:00 pm)

Buy your ticket(s) by clicking HERE.

$25 Artist Circle        $20 General Admission     ($3 more at the door)

The Craguns are a dynamic family group who have become known as one of the most talented, young groups in the country.  They have been honored to perform to millions of people in some of the largest venues, on some of the largest radio stations and television shows in gospel music.  

At the Craguns' concert, you can expect to laugh, be challenged and leave encouraged!  The Cragun family is absolutely committed to effectively ministering the Gospel through song.  They will do this through Spirit-filled and Christ-honoring musical excellence for people of all ages. 

The Craguns website:   

Listen to The Craguns: 

Southern Faith

Saturday, July 11, 2020

1:00 pm

(doors open at 11:30 am; seating at Noon)

Buy your all-day Saturday ticket(s) HERE.

$35 Artist Circle

 $30 General Admission

($3 more at the door)

The beautiful Ozark Mountains of north central Arkansas, the breathtaking White River, and the majestic bluffs along its banks, all have something in common. They are home to Southern Faith.

Southern Faith is a dynamic trio with sharp, crisp harmonies and a pleasing array of both contemporary and traditional southern gospel sounds. Although they work hard to accomplish their musical goals, their focus is evangelistic in nature. “We can sing until your ears fall off,” Wade explains, “but if lives aren't changed, hearts aren't touched, and souls aren't saved, then we've accomplished little.”

The trio has been ministering for almost twenty years. It currently consists of owner/manager Wade Moser, his wife Taffy, and a life-long friend, Jerry Stowe. Together, they minister through word and song. While Wade not only pastors a church,  he also is the general manager and a southern gospel DJ for a local Christian radio station. Jerry is the production manager and contemporary Christian music DJ at the same radio station. Jerry's wife, Angie, manages their product table. Their lives are centered around sharing God's Word. When asked what is one of the greatest compliments ever given to you, they all answered, ''When someone tells us that our singing is anointed...that His presence was there and felt when we were singing and sharing His message.''

Watch Southern Faith:


Faithful Crossings

Saturday, July 11, 2020

3:00 pm

Buy your all-day Saturday ticket(s) HERE.

$35 Artist Circle        $30 General Admission     ($3 more at the door)

Now approaching their 12th year of ministry, Faithful Crossings has been blessed beyond measure to have been able to share their message in song.  They have been nominated for multiple Diamond Awards and have had the privilege of interviewing and performing on live radio and TV stations.  Faithful Crossings has also performed in showcases multiple times at the National Quartet Convention, and have had the opportunity to share the stage with many of Gospel Music's great singers.  Making their home in Missouri, they travel throughout the United States singing about the faithfulness of our great Savior, Jesus Christ.

Faithful Crossings website:    

Listen to Faithful Crossings:

Keepers of the Faith

Saturday, July 11, 2020

6:00 pm

Buy your all-day Saturday tickets HERE.

All -day prices:  $35 AC / $30 GA ($3 more at the door)

Buy Saturday night only ticket(s) for Keepers of the Faith HERE.

Sat. night only:  $25 AC / $20 GA ($3 more at the door)

Keepers of the Faith returns to Riverview for the finale concert of the Gospel Sing.  Meet the new group (left to right):  Ace Taito, Zephanaia Taito, Lima Taito, Faalai Taito, and Peter Wainina.  

Keepers of the Faith is probably the most diverse Southern Gospel Quartet you'll ever meet or hear.  They love to serve God through their singing talents by bringing the deep south island flavor, a taste of oldie but goody, and the soul of saved men to the genre of Southern Gospel Quartet Music.  

KOTF have been in ministry for over 19 years.  The ministry started out as a prison ministry team who would visit brothers and sisters locked and shunned from society.  Their roots also consist of visiting hospitals and singing for every room that would want the uplifting of good old harmony singing.  The Keepers of the Faith Ministry sing, preach, and most importantly, live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is their prayer and hope that you see the reflection of Christ within every aspect of their Ministry. 

KOTF Website:  

Listen to KOTF:

Booth Brothers

Saturday, August 15, 2020

6:00 pm

(doors open at 4:30; seating at 5:00 pm)

Buy your ticket(s) by clicking HERE.

$30 Artist Circle        $25 General Admission     ($3 more at the door)

Ronnie, Michael and Paul love Gospel music.  They believe it touches the soul and offers encouragement and hope.  By singing and ministering to audiences through word and song, these gentlemen are fulfilling God's call on their lives.

The Booth Brothers are deeply committed to musical excellence, yet have a greater desire to impact the hearts of those listening to their music.  Refreshing humor, inspiring songs, and encouraging words are embedded in every concert.  This trio, collectively and individually, has been acknowledged as one of the finest in the business having received many awards over the years.  Although the group is grateful for the recognition of their work, their aspiration is for all honor and glory to be God's alone.  Their mission is to proclaim that Jesus Christ is the only way to achieve salvation and eternal life and they will never cease announcing to the world that He is the only One who can give peace and comfort they desire.

Booth Brothers website:          

Listen to the Booth Brothers:

The Williamsons

September 10, 2020

7:00 pm

A Love-Offering Concert at Fellowship Hall

(doors open at 6:00 pm)

The Williamsons began singing as a family group in 1969.  With the goal of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they have performed for thousands with their unique style of Christian music.  They have a way of incorporating many musical styles into their program.  They travel across the United States and around the world presenting their ministry in large concert halls, on cruise liners, and in churches of all sizes and denominations.  

The Williamsons were nominated in the Top Ten for Best New Mixed Group in the Singing News Fan Awards, as well as Breakthrough Artist and favorite Group awards at the Absolutely Gospel Fan Awards.  Absolutely Gospel also named them as one of the Top Ten Groups to Watch.  

Devoted to God, family, and country, they live what they sing.  They desire to see souls find the Lord, people encouraged, and provide quality Christian entertainment.  

The Williamsons website:  

Listen to The Williamsons:

3 Heath Brothers

Saturday, September 19, 2020

6:00 pm

(doors open at 4:30; seating at 5:00 pm)

Buy your ticket(s) by clicking HERE.

$25 Artist Circle        $20 General Admission     ($3 more at the door)

If you missed the 3 Heath Brothers in September, 2019, you have another opportunity in September, 2020.  What a treat!  The 3 Heath Brothers have been singing together as long as they remember.  When these guys get up to sing, people are consistently shocked by their tight harmony, powerful vocals, and a cappella arrangements.  You won't want to miss this concert.  These young men have a passion for God and an abundance of energy.  They love God and their goal is to promote Christ and demonstrate you are never too young to give all you have to God!  

3 Heath Brothers website:          

Listen to the 3 Heath Brothers:

Soul'd Out

Saturday, October 17, 2020

6:00 pm

(doors open at 4:30; seating at 5:00 pm)

Buy your ticket(s) by clicking HERE.

$25 Artist Circle        $20 General Admission     ($3 more at the door)

Based in Georgetown, Ohio, Soul'd Out Ministries was formed in 2001 and has been in full-time ministry touring 25 states each year.  Soul'd Out performs in churches, theatres, fairs/festivals, Dollywood, Silver Dollar City, The Memphis Quartet Show, and has appeared on the main stage at the National Quartet Convention.  

This young group is energetic and exciting.  Their performance includes hymns with just piano, bass, and vocals, to progressive gospel with full tracks to back the vocals.  They have a good balance of entertainment and ministry.  The goal of this group is to encourage their audience to enjoy life and to set a positive atmosphere for the entire family while presenting a strong gospel message.

Soul'd Out is great for all ages.  They are upbeat enough to keep the interest of a teenager, while singing a few songs grandma will know and love.  

Soul'd Out website:          

Listen to Soul'd Out: